KF-II Series

High Speed & High Productivity Vertical Machining Centre

The Hyundai-Wia KF-II Series offers a range of high quality open fronted VMCs with linear guideways for enhanced accuracy & cutting performance.

Upgrading on the existing KF Series, the KF-II Series provides high-precision machining through quality improvement of the spindle and customised machining through various spindle line-ups, contributing to the increase of customer productivity.

Hyundai-Wia KF-II Series

Versatile Range of Vertical Machining Centres

  • High-precision machining by improving spindle quality
  • Improved user convenience by applying the latest controller of FANUC
  • Innovative improvement in chip disposal capability by applying the upper type conveyor and bed-flushing device
  • Various motors and columns provided for customized machining
  • High-speed roller type LM guide in all axes

Hyundai-Wia KF-II Series Video

KF6700 II

KF-II Series



High-speed & high-productivity state-of-the-art vertical machining centre

1. Spindle Optimised For Machining

The machining tool’s spindle is structurally optimized to dramatically improve the spindle vibration and acceleration / deceleration compared to the previous model, providing the best machining quality.

  • 58% reduction in spindle vibration compared to existing models
  • Spindle acceleration / deceleration increased by 19%

2. Integral High Column Option

Significantly improved rigidity compared to alternative block-type high columns

The height of the Z-axis can be extended when the integral high column provided as an option is applied.

※A~B : From table top to spindle distance

KF4600 II (A~B)
KF4600 II High Column
150~670 mm
350~870 m/min
KF5600 II (A~B)
KF5600 II High Column
150~670[785] mm
450~1,085 m/min
KF6700 II (A~B)
KF6700 II High Column
150~785 mm
450~1,085 m/min

3. Significantly Improved Ball Screw Stiffness And Longevity

The ball screw stiffness has been increased from the existing model by applying the three-row bearings in all-axis and oil lubrication method, and the lifetime of the Z-axis ball screw has been greatly increased by optimizing the spindle structure and lubrication method.

  • Increased ball screw stiffness from existing model by 147%
  • Increased the lifetime of Z-axis ball screw from existing model by 576%
KF-II Series Rapid Traverse Speed (X/Y/Z)
36/36/30 m/min
KF4600 II Travel (X/Y/Z)
900/460/520 mm
KF5600 II Travel (X/Y/Z)
1,100/560/520 [635] m/min
KF6700 II Travel (X/Y/Z)
1,300/670/635 mm

4. Breakthrough The Disposal Of Chips Capability Improvement

The upper type chip conveyor is applied as a standard to efficiently remove chips generated during machining. In addition, the 365 litre (KF5600 II, 6700 II) large coolant tank provides a seamless machining environment even with large amounts of coolant.

Standard application of upper type chip conveyor

  • Standard application of upper type chip conveyor
  • Standard on-board screw chip conveyor application (forward / backward rotation function added)
  • Bed-flushing coolant is applicable (optional)
  • Separated an oil-skimmer and coolant tank to keep coolant free of tramp oils


Excellent machining performance with high-precision spindle at ease - even during prolonged periods of machining

1. Improved Spindle Machining Quality

  • 58% reduction in spindle vibration compared to existing models
  • Spindle acceleration / deceleration increased by 19%
  • Hybrid tool lock
  • Improved rotary joint quality


Reduced Spindle Vibration And Improved Acceleration / Deceleration

By improving the spindle structure, the vibration and deflection of the spindle are improved, acceleration and deceleration are improved, and the load on the Z-axis feed shaft bearing is reduced to achieve high accuracy and high productivity.

Spindle Oil Cooling (Standard Spindle Over 10,000 Rpm)

By adopting the spindle oil cooling system as an option, a consistent spindle temperature is maintained even during long-term machining, ensuring stable machining ability.

Hybrid Tool Lock

By applying the hybrid tool lock (hydraulic type) through a pneumatic system, the hydraulic motor is removed, reducing heat and noise.

Improved Rotary Joint Quality

The improved integral structure of the rotary joint prevents damage in the spindle motor by oil leakage.


KF4600 II
Direct connection 8K (standard),10K,12K,15K
KF5600 II
Direct connection 8K (standard),10K,12K,15K / Built-in 20K
KF6700 II
Direct connection 8K (standard),10K,12K,15K / Built-in 20K

2. Direct Driven Spindle

The spindle acceleration / deceleration time is reduced by directly connecting the motor and spindle. To create a high speed for the spindle, the high-precision, high-speed angular ball bearings design creates a wide range of machining with a maximum 15,000 rpm.


CONTROLLER Spindle Speed Motor (Max./Cont.) Torque (Max./Cont.)
FANUC – SMART PLUS 8,000rpm (KF4600 II, 5600 II) 18.5/11 kW 118/52.5 N·m
8,000 rpm (KF6700 II) 18.5/15 kW 118/71.6 N·m
[8,000 rpm (High Torque)] 15/11 kW 286/143 N·m
[10,000 rpm] 18.5/11 kW 118/52.5 N·m
[12,000 rpm] 18.5/11 kW 118/52.5 N·m
[15,000 rpm] 18.5/11 kW 118/52.5 N·m
HYUNDAI-iTROL [12,000 rpm] 16.2/8.5 kW 119.7/63 N·m
HEIDENHAIN [12,000 rpm] 17/10 kW 108.6/63.7 N·m


3. Built-in Spindle

The ultra-high precision, high-speed angular ball bearing design that allows the spindle to operate at high speed provides high-speed machining at a maximum of 20,000 rpm, thus displaying excellent performance during machining of mold.

ITEM Spindle Speed Motor (Max./Cont.) Torque (Max./Cont.)
FANUC 31i-B [20,000 rpm] 22/18.5 kW 98/80 N.m


Touch-type 15″ large monitor controller maximises customer convenience / productivity

  • Standard Touch 15″ Large Monitor
  • Standard AICC 200 Block.
  • Standard Smart Guide-i
  • Standard machining condition selection function
Smart Machine Control Fast Cycle Time Technology
Fine Surface Technology
Conversational Program Smart Guide-i
i-HMI Machining-aid Function Part Program
AI Contour Control AICC-2 (200 blocks look-ahead)
Smooth Tolerance Control 0.1 ㎛ command and specify tolerance
Jerk Control Diminished vibration by controlling acceleration speed
Machining Condition Selection Designated machining level based on speed & quality
Machining Quality Control Function Smooth Tolerance+ integrated support
Part Program Storage 5120M (2MB)
No. of Registerable Programs 1000 EA


The TNC 640 is a versatile contouring control system that can control a 19-inch screen and up to 18 axes. Its flexible workshop-friendly programming functions, Heidenhain interactive programming and offline programming, allow the user to create the optimal machining environment.