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Vertical Lathes

New and Used Vertical Lathes

Ward CNC’s wide range of lathes includes a choice of various bore sizes and other features that can be added. This type of vertical lathe is used for faster and synchronised switching of any part. Vertical lathes have streamlined control stations in addition to an interlocked electrical control board providing the greatest control throughout the process. Any kind of automatic lowering and rising of the rails helps in easy packing and unloading of the items. Many times, vertical lathes feature additional attachments for milling and grinding.

Vertical lathes are being used in metal working, wood switching and glass working. Popular items that have been made by lathe machines are table legs, candlestick owners, musical instrumentals, baseball bats, bowls and numerous others. And additionally, you can purchase used vertical lathes from Ward CNC too. Vertical lathes are a very useful tool for cutting and shaping materials for commercial designs, crafts and hobbies. They are compact and streamlined, normally in an upright drill-press style, rather than the larger, bench-type models which provides the same capabilities as the industrial models. Both models apply by the same principles; the materials are fastened and turned whilst the cutting head moves in and out of the work area, extracting material at a calculated and adjustable pace. This is useful when you have exact holes, notches and level cuts must be made with exact symmetry for aesthetics and alignment when joining parts together.

Vertical lathes are used when working with complex shapes as it is rotating in order for it to be trimmed, shaped or sanded with another tool or a lathe cutter. The vertical lathe offers a stable and safe platform for turning at a reliable and constant speed, lowering the promise for mistakes and inadvertent gouges. As well as this, the vertical lathe provides steady and exact removal of material over the whole plane of a piece, which gives a smooth, professional cut. For useful and amazing results, vertical lathes perfectly shape and cut materials ranging from metal and wood to plastics and other materials.

The functions of vertical lathes are suitable for craftsmen and artists, which constantly lends these skills wanted to include both functionality and aesthetics into different creations. Woodworkers, makers of furniture and metal designers make some of the most complex creations beginning with a vertical lathe in order to form a basic shape. From there, they then use this shape to mould it into a finished product. There are many different vertical lathe machines available at Ward CNC, allowing people to easily bring these creations to life.