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Vertical Boring Machines

Vertical Boring Machines and Vertical Machining Centres

The Vertical Machining Centres is the best-selling machine tool in the world; it has definitely advanced through 25 years. In 2010, the sales numbers indicated that there was over 10k vertical boring machines purchased in the United Kingdom alone. During the 1980s, the cycle time for a mould tool 500mm x 500mm would be 2 days. In 2010, a high speed vertical machining centres you’d expect to see a completed part within 2 hours. This is a shocking 90% cycle time reduction in 30 years. These easy logistic highlights how improbable it would be in the modern day to compete utilising machinery from years ago. This information alone proves the large volume of Vertical machining centres sales.

With the explosion of Vertical Machining Centres sales over the past few decades, dozens of manufacturers have succeeded in designing their own product with the goal of capitalising on the open market. Up until now, there are over 200 brands of vertical machining centres available throughout the whole of the world of manufacturing. The decision process is always difficult for engineers in the UK. The main difference in the specifications of Vertical Machining Centres is fairly obvious in their build quality. Many machine tools have a cast foundation while other vertical boring machines are merely fabricated. Fabrications in vertical boring machines are made that can very often lead to possible areas of weakness, in comparison, castings are cast and are in one piece, giving a much more fixed machining environment.

Another main difference is in the speed of the spindle. Vertical Machining Centres can be equipped with integrated spindle motors delivering speeds of up to 40k rpm. Preferably, some vertical boring machine types are constructed with belt-driven spindles that don’t deliver the same machining results as an integrated model. The third difference is the tool changing capability. Vertical Machining Centres can be constructed with tool-changers providing 10 pocket-stations up to 200 pocket stations. A pocket is basically a tool station and it holds one tool-holder. A major key benefit of paying for a Vertical Machining Centre or a Vertical Boring Machine with a larger number of tool pockets is a decline in the necessity for manual intervention on the vertical boring machine.