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Sliding Head Lathes

New and Used Sliding Head Lathes

There are several good reasons to purchase one of our sliding head lathes, they have fantastic accuracy, cutting happens at the point of heightened support by the guide bush. The sliding head technology creates unbelievable finish, in most instances removing grinding operations. Profit is another important factor, in fact, users regularly gain higher hourly rate compared to ordinary turning machines. Even though the price of the sliding head machine is more expensive, the price per part is considerably lower due to the second operations being eliminated. Complicated pieces can be hit with three tools at the same time halving cycle times. The other beauty of the sliding head lathes is that they can be left unattended overnight. They’re very simple to program and operate, making production fast and efficient.

Sliding head technology are often referred to as Swiss Auto, which are based on the original machine conception for producing watch components, through which the bar is fed though the machine headstock and is gripped by a collet. Supporting the bar at the point of cutting by a guide bush arrangement provides fantastic precision. The initial concept was for the automatic production of crucial complex parts for the watch industry. Sliding head machines are currently used largely in a wide range of industrial applications. Cycle times are equal to those of bar fixed head and traditional cam machines. Quality sliding head lathe models cover the range beginning with easy 7mm maximum bar size models through to complex 32mm bar multi axis machines for making highly intricate components. This high quality technology includes network NC and intelligent servo motors for high speed precise machining. Newer sliding head lathes have a graphical user interface and remote diagnostics functions.