New Factory is a Portal into Soraluce’s Machining and Systems Supply Expertise

Soraluce’s opening of a new factory dedicated to the assembly of portal-type machining centres, coupled with the launch of a new range of “redesigned and revitalised” machines, has not only reinforced the company’s world lead in portal-type machining technology but the accompanying innovative technology developments for continually-improved machining routines.

Soraluce Portal Summit

The improved machining routines includes single set-up milling, boring, turning and grinding and also highlights the company’s constant progress and expertise in providing customers with complete manufacturing solutions.

The three-day Portal Summit event also enabled the company to showcase a new compact range (TA Series) of bed-type milling machines where grinding has now been added to the capabilities of milling, boring and turning in the same set-up.

In addition to the new machines, Soraluce also demonstrated a range of technology innovations, including the new:

  • DWS (Dynamic Workpiece Stabiliser) smart machine damping solution – to eliminate chatter on the workpiece, and
  • VSET – which simplifies component set-up by minimising workpiece alignment and, as a result, generates set-up time savings of up to 70 per cent.

These complement the company’s existing innovative manufacturing tools of:

  • Smart HMI machine interface – which has now been enhanced to allow, for instance, operators to view two ‘screens’ showing workpiece and machine data simultaneously on the same CNC panel, such as 3D plans and machine condition monitoring;
  • Vertical ram balance – effectively an additional axis, closed-loop controlled with its own direct positioning system to compensate for cross beam deformation on larger portal machines;
  • DAS+ chatter elimination technology; and
  • TBS table balancing system for asymmetric loads.


Commenting on the event and the new range, Ward CNC’s Head of Strategic Accounts & Projects, Stuart Lawson, says: “Soraluce’s ongoing commitment to machining excellence, combined with industry leading innovative solutions provides Ward CNC customers with immediate access to unrivalled production technologies in terms of milling, boring, turning – and now also grinding – in a single set-up. This partnered with our own ultra-high levels of engineering applications expertise and service back-up, means UK customers can continue to rely on Ward CNC to provide cost-effective answers to their production problems, for workpieces of every size and in all materials.”