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Horizontal Boring Machines

Horizontal Boring Machines and Horizontal Machining Centres

CNC horizontal boring machines have revolutionised many people’s jobs in the machinery industry through their ability to economically build parts using a series of accurate, positioned holes or cuts. They come in table, planer, or floor models, these horizontal machining centres are often used to boost the accuracy and tolerances of the cuts and holes. The way in which a horizontal boring machine works is that. The most common type of horizontal boring machine is the table type, which is capable of handling pieces as big as 66 foot. The table props up the items being bored, whilst the three axes drive the piece towards the work spindle and develop the holes.

The horizontal boring machine could do the rough part of process or the more accurate cuts; it is controlled by computerised systems. Horizontal machining centres are used to create holes of varying depths, normally by creating a series of multiple cuts and retractions. Throughout the process, the axes are spinning at a very high RPM; it produces intense heat that is dissipated by pumping coolant through a channel which runs the entire length of the boring bar. Most of the machines operate on fixed cycles based on pre-programmed subroutines named G-codes to make sure that the results will be uniform.

The horizontal boring machines are very useful for developing precise gears for equipment. A gear blank is sliced, ground, and machined with precision. Taking in account the scale which a horizontal boring machine can deal with, the gears meet the specific requirements of industries in aerospace, oil and gas, and defence – all of which need big parts making. Because of the increase in metal prices, CNC machining was seen as a cost effective method to create gears and other parts with complex intricate cuts. It is made by the process of forging or casting in the past, the price of these parts have risen by 200-400% throughout the past decade. Although the machining method eliminates costly metal, it produces a much more precise part which lasts longer. The price savings realised by machining has made most businesses rethink how they manufacture and finish their original and replacement parts.

Whilst many machine shops provide horizontal boring machines and CNC machining, the one to choose is Ward CNC. They have high quality CNC equipment and horizontal machining centres. In terms of large-scale production, you require a machine which is able to handle the part size on the work table sufficient to hold up its weight. Providing that you will be using expensive materials, you want a respectful and well established business like Ward CNC. They are experienced in working with large parts in all kinds of industries, with a staff full of trained machinists whose skills are constantly advancing through the continued efforts of education and certification.