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CNC lathes

New and Used CNC lathes

Whatever your specific needs are, Ward CNC can cater for your requirements. We have a huge range of top quality CNC lathe and used lathes. We have a variety of different bore sizes, bed lengths and optional features. This large range allows us to make custom lathe solutions which are guaranteed to meet any production requirements. In the case that you need a circular motion cutting machine then a CNC lathe is perfect. Whatever material you want to use, you can with our high quality used lathe. It has never been easier to achieve this level of design and production of your final product.

All that the operators need to do is have knowledge of programming the machines for the production of your products. Any rotation speed that’s over 15000 revolutions per minute falls into the category of high speed machining. However, the spindle’s speed shouldn’t be the only think to consider when you choose a CNC machine. The modern lathes are technologically advanced with current ones using computerised systems to control the cutter speed. Using used CNC lathe is the simplest ways to install the CNC technology into your shop. Some smaller shops have a limited budget however they still need the technology that big companies have so that they can complete the machining work. A used lathes machine is the most ideal way to do this.

Modern lathes combine a computer with a lathe machine and a controller which converts every single digital signal into the desired action. The lathes are probably the most common application of this modern technology. These rotate a block of material so that it is able to be sanded, cut, polished or drilled, with the result being a completed three-dimensional product. Overall, lathes are basically the same as a conventional turret lathe, but they’re operating under computer control. These lathes are mainly designed for cutting hard materials spinning at high speed. These are also used to drill accurate holes, which includes centred holes normally in blocks of metal.

When using a used CNC lathe, the materials used don’t have to be metal, like other materials like wood and plastics can be processed fast and efficiently by a lathe. These are constantly used in light, medium and heavy engineering shops when developing many of the objects that we see in everyday life. These lathes are constantly used by smaller scale craftsmen. Judging by a percentage of the market share, CNC lathes have rapidly grown in popularity. They are built to utilise modern carbide tooling and processes. Three other benefits are reduced set up times, reduced inventory and reduced production time. The benefits that CNC lathe bring to everyone are extensive.