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New and used Boring Machines

New and Used Boring Machines

Boring machines are the result of modern technology; previously, the tunnels and pits were dug either by hand or by dynamites in the bigger sites. The main issue with dynamites was that they were used to destroy everything within the working area proximity. Thereby, with the help of technology advancements, modern boring machines were introduced in the construction industry. The Boring machines work by drilling to bore a hole in tough rocks and soils. The sizes of the boring with these machines vary from a small hole that can feed a cable through or as large as a man sized tunnel. The boring process remains the same regardless of the type of size that it’s being made to make.

In terms of the process of how the boring machine is made, it is really simple. The front area of it consists of a cutting head to clear the hole routes. There is a fan with several blades rotating at an angle similar to a drill. On the back of the blades are cylindrical metal shields that prevent loose dust and dirt to wildly fly about. As well as this, these shields support the boring machine against the tunnel walls. The well-defined path is defined for instance, the path is chalked out on the highway of the tunnel is being constructed. As soon as the path is marked, the boring machine is activated which then begins pushing the earth with the cutting head to make a way through it.

The boring machine makes the pieces of bored earth pull back behind the blades, within the shields. In case there is loose dust and dirt, a boring machine that has the capability of soaking the bored earth with water in order to create a mud-like substance is used. The boring machine is activated until it reaches the other end after creating the designated path e.g. a tunnel on the chalked out area.