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‘Big is beautiful’ will be the message at MACH 2012 on the Ward CNC stand – the six large-capacity machines filling the massive 500 m2 display area will include the UK launch of the Hankook BB550 Hanturn big bore (550 mm) chucker-type CNC lathe that boasts a powerful 45 kW spindle motor and 7,536 Nm spindle torque.

Ward CNC's showcase of its unrivalled ability to not only supply but also to provide unrivalled service and back up for large-capacity, cost-competitive machine tools from its world-leading principals' ranges will also be centered around the display of the:

Hyundai-Wia L700LMA slant bed universal CNC turning centre
Hyundai-Wia KBN-135CL infeeding column horizontal boring and milling centre
Hankook VTC-140/E vertical boring and turning machine
Soraluce FL-8000 floor-type milling centre
Hartford Pro-3210 double column vertical machining centre
Ward CNC is the exclusive UK distributor for Hankook (horizontal and vertical lathes), Hartford (double-column and open fronted machining centres), Hyundai-Wia (turning and machining centres) and Soraluce (traveling column/table milling centres).

The Hankook heavy-duty large bore BB-550 CNC lathe has a massive 550 mm spindle bore that is complemented by a robust box-type headstock to guarantee stable performance for a machine that has 1,100 mm swing over the bed and 600 mm over the carriage.
Other features include: two-step gear change for high-torque machining at low speed; box-type saddle and 600 mm cross slide; rigid six-tool turret for heavy-duty turning, boring and threading.

The second Hankook model on display - the VTC-140/E vertical boring and turning machine with C-Axis and driven tools - provides a heavy-duty machining platform of 31,000 kgs to handle components weighing up to 8,000 kgs on a 1.4 m table that can achieve 320 revs/min from the 45/37 kW motor. Maximum turning diameter and height are 1,600 mm and 1,400 mm, respectively, and the cross rail has 700 mm of vertical travel.

Continuing the turning theme, the Hyundai-Wia L700LMA slant bed universal CNC turning centre boasts C axis and driven tools. Again of one-piece heavy-duty cast iron construction for high accuracy and rigidity, the 610 mm chuck diameter machine can accommodate bar of 165 mm diameter and has a maximum turning diameter of 920 mm and length of 3,250 mm, and swings over the bed and cross slide of 1,050 mm and 820 mm, respectively.

Also from Ward CNC's extensive Hyundai-Wia portfolio, the KBN-135CL is a travelling column, planer-type horizontal boring and milling centre with a 2,000 mm by 1,800 mm table - again built for heavy-duty work on components weighing up to 20,000 kgs, with one-piece cast iron bed and hardened and ground box guideways. The machine has X, Y, Z and W axes travels of 4,000 mm, 2,000 mm, 2,000 mm and 700 mm, respectivelyand boasts a 22/26 kW spindle motor and spindle speeds of 2,500 revs/min plus 60-station ATC.

The construction principles of the Soraluce FL-8000 floor-type milling-boring centre typify the philosophy of this world-leading machine builder; a combination of high-quality build - the characteristic stability and rigidity are derived from the heavy-duty cast iron construction - and technologically advanced features for unmatched heavy-duty milling performance. With 7,500 mm in X, up to 2,200 mm in Y and 1,300 mm in Z, the 43 kW machine boasts spindle speeds up to 6,000 revs/min and rapid traverse rates of 35 m/min in all axes.