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‘SORALUCE’ the world class milling machine manufacturer and available exclusively in the UK from ‘Ward CNC’ has participated in many projects for the railway industry, achieving a vast experience in the railway field, particularly in turn-key projects for bogie milling.

‘SORALUCE' provides a high technological solution for both the machinery and other technical aspects such as fixturing, tooling, production assistance etc. and renders high performance bogie milling and boring process, by the pendulum machining system. The pendulum machining process consist of two or more working areas, so that when the milling boring machine is machining the bogie in one working area, the second bogie can be loaded/unloaded in the second working area of the same machine. Complete bogie machining can be completed in just two set-ups, which avoids any machining downtime.

Bogie milling operations are carried out placing the bogie in a vertical position. SORALUCE provides fixturing pallets, angle plates for clamping the fixturing pallets and the proper swivelling device for turning the fixturing pallet from the horizontal to the vertical position. Machining of rail bogies in the vertically clamped position greatly improves chip evacuation, reducing heat transfer into the component and therefore avoids workpiece deformation, which greatly improves bogie machining accuracy results.

SORALUCE supplies bogie machining solutions for high speed trains, medium trains, locomotive wagons, trailer wagons etc. SORALUCE offers a wide range of floor type milling and boring machines that can cover all these types of bogies. Additionally, depending on the bogie complexity, the milling-boring machine can be equipped with different milling and boring heads, which can be changed automatically and stored in a pick-up storage system, converting the machine in a highly flexible cell. In addition to the standard milling and boring heads, SORALUCE has designed and developed heads for specific operations of the bogie machining process.

Several machines installed around first class bogie manufacturers prove SORALUCE's commitment to the railway bogie manufacturing industry.