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T W Ward CNC Machinery (Ward CNC) continues to build on its long-established reputation for supplying large capacity machining solutions to an extensive customer base of OEMs and precision sub-contract suppliers across most engineering sectors.

As the sole UK distributor for a number of the world’s leading machine tool manufacturers, the company’s highly-successful customer service philosophy embraces single stand-alone machine installations through to large turnkey project work involving any number of machines and workpieces – perhaps beginning with the tiniest turned part (for which the company can also supply machines) through to installations involving large capacity milling/machining centres and turning machines for complex, single set-up machining routines.

Ward CNC customers can call on an extensive armoury of machines:

[] Hankook horizontal and vertical lathes

[] Hartford double-column and open-fronted vertical machining centres

[] Hyundai Wia turning and machining centres

[] Soraluce travelling column and travelling table milling centres.

From Hankook, for example, the VTC-5060/E vertical boring and turning machine can accommodate workpieces weighing 60,000 kgs and has table/chuck, swing and turning diameters of 5,000 mm, 6,000 mm and 6,000 mm, respectively, plus a maximum turning height of 3,000 mm and a vertical crossrail travel of 2,500 mm.

Hankook Protec heavy-duty two-axis lathes are proving extremely popular with Ward CNC’s oil and gas industry customers. The twin-chuck Protec 9NC, for instance, has 4,000 mm between centres, with the option of up to 8,000 mm, plus a large spindle bore of 254 mm diameter, a 950 mm swing over the bed and 630 mm over the carriage. Other Protec models offer up to 1,300 mm swing over the bed, 940 mm over the cross slide and spindle bores up to 440 mm diameter.

The extensive range of Hartford double-column and open-fronted vertical machining centres includes the large-capacity, 22 kW (optionally 26 kW) DBC-4260H which has a table of 4,150 mm by 2,040 mm able to handle loads of 10,000 kgs. X, Y and Z axes travels are 4,050 mm by 3,400 mm by 1,000 mm (optionally 1,200 mm) and the up to 60-tool toolchanger combines with the ISO 50 taper to handle most requirements. The machine’s versatility can be extended with the use of Hartford’s Universal BC head that has 2.5deg indexing and through-spindle coolant.

From Hyundai Wia, the LV1400 vertical CNC lathe is a 26/22 kW (2,500 revs/min) machine with X, Y and Z travels of 4,000 mm by 2,000 mm by 2,000 mm, respectively.

A host of large-capacity machines are embraced by Ward CNC’s Soraluce travelling column and travelling table milling centres – including the SL-8000 fixed table, travelling column milling machine with a 8,000 mm by 1,100 mm fixed table, having both front and rear access for component location.

The Soraluce FXR-16000 milling and boring centre with 6,500 mm vertical and 2,900 mm cross traverses, respectively, can be equipped with any one of several 46 kW different milling and boring heads as well as quill systems up to 71 kW to create bespoke machining solutions.

One important aspect of Soraluce machines is the use of the innovative Dynamic Ram Balance system to ensure geometrical accuracy (straightness and parallelism) of ram traverse over both Y and Z axes travels. The result is ultra-precise production – especially on machines with extensive traverses and head changing systems.

Ward CNC’s ability to provide suitable cost-effective machines is mirrored by expert levels of support for its installations, which includes superlative after-sales service agreements.