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Companies providing components to the oil and gas sector have for some years benefited from the established pedigree of T W Ward CNC Machinery (Ward CNC) for the supply of a comprehensive range of cost-effective machining solutions.

Indeed, Ward CNC has three dedicated service engineers in Scotland alone, such is the company’s level of business north of the border.

Hankook CNC/NC two-axis lathes are long-term favourites for producing a wide variety of components including oilfield accessories such as pump joints, casing and tubing hangers, as well as shoes and collars for offshore operations.

And Ward CNC’s of Soraluce travelling column and travelling table milling centres, boring and turning machines, when used in conjunction with a variety of different machining heads, are renowned for the high-quality machining of wellhead products, blowout preventers, subsea trees, injection manifolds and downhole systems, for instance.

Hartford double-column and open-fronted vertical machining centres, and Hyundai-Wia turning and machining centres are, however, also being used to good effect by Ward CNC’s oil and gas customers.

At Pacson Valves, the seven-year consistency of a Hartford Kappa 1300 vertical machining centre meant that the Dundee-based manufacturer returned to Ward CNC when it needed additional capacity to meet increasing demand.

According to Production Supervisor Peter Dolan, the Kappa proved itself on a range of high-integrity valves – ball, gate, needle and check valves – used in severe service and highly critical applications. The valves are machined from carbon, stainless, duplex and super duplex stainless steels, Inconel, hasteloy and titanium, and operations include multi-face milling, drilling and tapping.

Pacson Valves subsequently purchased a Hartford Pro 1000 and a Mercury 2060 AG. “Importantly, the 2060 AG provides much-needed capability to extend the size of the workpieces handled within the range of surface and sub-sea valves and pressure control products produced,” says Mr Dolan.

For Comac Precision Engineering, not only was Ward CNC able to satisfy an urgent need for machining capability with the supply from stock of a Hartford horizontal boring and milling centre, but the extra-large capacity of the PBM115A also enabled Comac to offer increased diversity in terms of the size of components it can handle.

According to David Wilson, a Director of the Eurocentral (Scotland) based company, a booming order book urgently demanded extra spindle availability – “and Ward CNC was the only supplier which could meet that demand with a machine of suitable specification and at the right price”.

Hyundai-Wia machine users are equally enthusiastic, including X-Cel AMP where the continual need to satisfy rising demand for high-value workpieces has led to further capital investment in a quartet of vertical and boring (VTL) machines, a two-axis CNC lathe and a turning centre.

The machines are playing a key role in enabling the company to achieve impressive machining accuracies on a range of circular parts up to 22 inches diameter in difficult-to-machine high nickel alloys – roundness tolerances to within 20 microns and surface finishes of 0.4 CLA.

X-Cel AMP focuses on the machining of gaskets and seals, including ring-type joints (solid metal gaskets that seal flanged connections subject to high pressures and temperatures) for customers in the petrochemical and power generation industries.

The ongoing and long-established success at the main Superturn and the group’s X-Cel Precision sites of a number of Ward CNC-supplied machines – Hankook Protec lathes, a Hartford Blockbuster double-column vertical machining centre plus two Hyundai-Wia VTLs and a Hankook VTL - left Managing Director, Andrew Taylor, in no doubt that further machines from Ward CNC would perform similarly at the AMP facility.