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The use of a 12-position, quick-change, all driven tool turret makes the Hyundai-Kia SKT 250M a high quality, cost-competitive choice for turn/mill components required in any batch size.

Operating at a maximum of 4,000 revs/min, the driven tools are powered by 5.5 kW motor and tool shanks up to 20 mm diameter and rigid tapping up to M16 can be accommodated.

With a 22 kW main spindle producing 3,500 revs/min plus 10 inch chuck, the machine is further suited to heavier duty – and accurate – machining routines due to its heavy-duty boxway construction. Trials have shown the SKT 250M to maintain roundness within +/- 0.5 micron and a constant cutting accuracy of +/- 3.5 microns.

Adding to the machine’s capability is its availability as a bar-fed model for the 76 mm stock handled.

Available immediately from stock, the machine sets the benchmark in one-hit turning and milling operations by combining high power and spindle rigidity with the driven tooling, as well as via the functionality of its Fanuc 18i-TB six-axis CNC.

Of 45° slant bed design with heavy duty hardened and ground box slideways, the machine is of single heavy-duty casting design with significant ribbing to absorb vibration and it has a through bore with a large 90 mm diameter thermally symmetrical design of headstock. It has a high-speed, gearless drive to generate smooth operation and enable heavy-duty cycles to be performed.

The capacity is large within a maximum swing of 750 mm and a turning length of 680 mm. Travel in the X and Z axes are 290 mm and 750 mm, respectively, and rapids are 20 m/min in X and 24 m/min in Z.

Included in the specification is the well proven Q-setter for automatic determination of tool offsets, to eliminate the need for trial cuts, measurement and offset input. Options include a parts-catcher for bar feed applications, high pressure coolant and swarf management. Automatic work co-ordinate setting is available through direct input of depth-of-cut at the CNC