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At Ward CNC continual investment in, and improvement of, our customer service support activities has created a streamlined, integrated and efficient operation designed to provide our customers with fast, effective and professional response levels. A high quality and dependable level of customer support is one of our company’s key policy objectives.

In addition, our applications engineering support team of full-time highly experienced staff, works closely with our engineering and service department to assist with customer machine operation and application issues.

Ward CNC’s customer service resource is based around a team of highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are backed up by modern technology, and the high level of customer service we are able to offer is rarely paralleled in the machine tool industry. Our experience includes single stand-alone machine installations through to large turnkey projects involving any number of machines and workpieces, as well as customer focused applications engineering, programming, tooling, workholding and training, as required. We are also able to offer our customers the benefit of extensive experience in machine re-location, reinstallation and commissioning through to the hand over of a fully operational installation ready for production.

‘Senior Engineering & Service Manager’ Mario De Vito, who has over 28 years’ experience in the industry says: “Being able to provide effective and efficient service is as important as our ability to supply machines that are fit for purpose. Customer service is all about providing what the customer wants, when he needs it!”

Ward’s customer-facing operation is underpinned by a computerized call logging and RFS (Requests for Service) service management system. This is integrated with the company’s enterprise-wide IT infrastructure and is based on a computerized work flow system that provides a high level of visibility and performance monitoring throughout the business and through to senior management staff at director level on every logged service event. Service calls are made to a dedicated service line where details of the caller, machine and fault details are recorded onto the system which then automatically creates a service call workflow process and sends an email alert (as well as mobile PDA/Blackberry alert message) to Ward’s service managers and company directors and, where appropriate, directly to an engineer.

Our skilled field service technicians are mostly apprentice-trained in the machine tool industry and have years of experience across all machine tool/engineering disciplines. The vast majority of our technicians have extensive machine tool building experience from basic principals, which allows us to tackle some of the most difficult of problems on behalf of our customers. In addition, our Priority Response initiative ensures a service technician is always on hand to provide rapid response when needed in critical breakdown situations. Once a call has been dealt with and ‘closed’ by the service engineer, with details of the actions taken being recorded, another email to Ward’s service managers and company directors is automatically generated notifying call closure – or perhaps – if additional action is required (in the case of a temporary ‘fix’ while awaiting a proprietary part, for example). So, at any one time, everyone at Ward CNC is aware of the status of every service call. Weekly reviews are also carried out, as another check on progress.

Our internal performance monitoring process and reporting procedures provide us with an accurate picture of our activities and customer response performance. With this information problem areas are identified and solutions instigated with performance targets against which improvements can be monitored.