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The latest VTC-200E elevating cross rail turning and boring machine from Hankook provides a heavy-duty machining platform weighing in at 45 tonnes and able to process components weighing up to 12 tonnes on the machine’s 2 m table.

The table is powered by a 55kW, 2 speed motor programmable up to 200 revs/min but delivering a massive 40,400 Nm of torque. The maximum turning envelope on components is up to 2.5 m dia by 2 m high.

Shown for the first time in Europe at EMO 2011 and now available from sole UK distributor T W Ward CNC Machinery of Sheffield, the Hankook VTC-200E machine has a 240 mm square ram and BT50 taper tool head having a 22 kW drive. The tool head is serviced from a magazine supplying up to 12 turning and 12 driven tools which can weigh up to 50 kg and through-the-tool coolant supply is standard.

Spindle speed is programmable between 30 and 3,000 revs/min with both the vertical Z-axis and saddle X-axis having travels of 1,500 mm. The cross rail W-axis travel is 1,000 mm at a rapid traverse rate of 300 mm/min.

The C-axis is driven by a 9 kW servo motor and will rotate at up to 2.5 revs/min with a programmable feed rate between 0 and 900 deg/min. It has the ability to index within 0.001 deg. Control is via Fanuc 32i and options include higher accuracy positioning through linear scales in both X and Z axes. Machine probing and tool setting is also available.