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The installation of a Hyundai Wia two-axis lathe has not only immediately shaved cycle times by 18 per cent on an existing component at DJT Engineering (Midlands) but by releasing capacity, the machine is also enabling the Walsall based company to double its output of components derived from bar!

In addition, the new machine is also enabling DJT to quote for additional, new work and, according to managing director Lee Baker, “if I gain the new contract, the machine will pay for itself in no time”.

Supplied by T W Ward CNC Machinery (Ward CNC), the exclusive UK and Ireland agent for Hyundai Wia, the KIT450 was purchased “because I could see that it would produce immediate benefits on this fairly straightforward alloy steel part”, says Mr Baker.

Produced from 45 mm bar, the 13 mm long component requires a 23 mm through hole before parting off.

“With just two tools involved, I wanted a suitable ‘simple’ and cost-effective two-axis machine that I could dedicate to this component and it appeared that Ward CNC was the only company that could supply such - with the Hyundai Wia KIT450,” he continues.

“With its impressive spindle speeds and rapids – 6,000 revs/min and 36 m/min in both X and Z, respectively – the new machine immediately cut the cycle times, to such an extent that I have been able to release the former machine for other, similar parts. This has allowed me to process up to 12 tonnes of bar a month compared to six tonnes.”

The Hyundai Wia, which has a swing over the bed of 530 mm, and a maximum turning diameter and length of 170 mm and 300 mm, respectively, joins a range of machines at the company that specialises in the production of high-quality turned and milled parts. Its services also include the machining of special fasteners and assembly work in all material types, as well as finish coatings.

The Hyundai Wia KIT 450 two-axis lathe has enabled DJT Engineering (Midlands) to double its output of components derived from bar.