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3 Axis CNC Machines

3 Axis CNC Machines and 3 Axis Machining Centers

3 axis CNC machines still have a place in modern day manufacturing. Whether or not a 3 axis CNC machine is the best option for your business does rely on a number of reasons relating to the size of your production run, the workpiece properties, accuracy and finish requirements, materials costs, stock holding capabilities, etc. At Ward CNC, we have extensive knowledge and expertise to analyse the variables and determine if 3 axis CNC machines is still the most profitable choice for your business. If this is the case, we’ll be able to recommend the best kind of machine for you. 3 axis CNC machines include 2.5 axis capabilities in addition to routines to machine complex, contoured surfaces constantly seen in mould making and aerospace applications. 3 Axis cycles are designed for speed, accuracy and efficient memory usage.

3 axis CNC machines have simple and intricate parts that can be cut rapidly and precisely with a high quality toolpath. The cycles in all 3 axis CNC machines can be modified to stay contained in one area or to avoid another area. They can provide automatic and interactive methods in order to define contain and avoid any areas. They have options to retract in order to lower travel distance between re-entry and retract moves. As well as this, they can generate high speed toolpaths that have no corners with sharp edges, and create toolpaths with flat, ball, hog nose, tapered flat, tapered ball, or tapered hog nose instruments. Allow user defined beginning and finish Z depths. All of the 3 axis CNC machines support rest or leftover machining. Rest machining has been utilised to lower air cutting by confine toolpaths to parts inside the feature which hasn’t been previously machined. The consistent stepover cycle eliminate materials by keeping a consistent user-defined stepover relative to the surface. The cycle produces a semi-finished or finished toolpath with a consistent stepover even though the slope is being machined.

Many of the main benefits of 3 axis CNC machines are that the whole machining element is able to be modelled which includes machine parts, clamps, stock and fixtures. Whatever you need, as much or as less is able to be modelled. The identical part is machined with various machine tools. It has the ability to split instances of the exact same part and can generate individual features and operations.